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Man asking artificial intelligence about employee experience
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Man asking artificial intelligence about employee experience

A full 76% of employees are actively disengaged from their jobs, which costs companies upwards of $500 billion annually.

Turns out that switching apps hundreds of times each and every day, and searching for information in outdated company systems isn’t just a waste of time. A staggering 92% of employees report that having efficient and effective technology increases their satisfaction and engagement.

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Employee Experience

Everything your team needs to excel in their work, at their fingertips. Whether it's instantly accessing the CRM, adding a dependent to their health plan, effortlessly surfacing documents from the cloud, easily creating interdepartmental meetings with teammates — absolutely anything can be done from a simple chat interface.

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We've mindfully designed the Jane.ai platform to meet your team where they are. You can talk to Jane.ai where you already talk with your colleagues: Slack, Skype for Business, Symphony, Email, and Web Interface (Concierge).

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Accessing your company's applications, systems, and platforms has never been more intuitive. From email to CRM, HRIS to calendar — Jane.ai is a secure, universal portal to everything you need to get the job done.

Add company information via the CoPilot Console

CoPilot Console

The epicenter of all org intelligence — your company’s “brain” — is easier to manage than your email inbox. Create new knowledge, quickly build decision trees, link to popular applications with the toggle of a button, and gain invaluable insights into your organization.

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"I have some folks telling me that they’re saving hours a day with Jane.ai."