Integrate. Mine. Capture. integrates with 40+ apps, mines business intel from company docs, and learns the team knowledge of the org.

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40+ algorithms later, we’re creating the future of AI.

With the power of AI and a seamless UI, we are focused on closing the gap between technology and customer. Just as the keyboard was the interface to the first mass-market computers,’s natural language processing and chat interface will enable her to emerge as the new “operating system” of business, the cloud.

Manage your knowledge and skills with a simple, intuitive, human-in-the-loop interface: The CoPilot Console.
Make all of your knowledge sources accessible through natural language understanding technology.
Row of company logos that integrate with the platform can connect to your company's apps, providing you with quick access to push and pull information.

  • Access is secure, and Jane honors the permissions that are already set for you in the app.
  • integrates with your cloud applications: Email & Calendar, CRM, HRIS, Ticketing, Cloud Drives tracks down documents scattered across your website, intranet, and cloud drives tracks down documents scattered across your website, intranet, and cloud drives.

  • can even access the information buried inside those documents.
  • No more opening and wading through a document just to find a piece of information.
  • Just ask and get an instant answer: FAQs. Contracts. Company Policies. Acronyms. You name it.
Woman asking a question artificial intelligence understands with Natural Language Processing is built using the latest Natural Language Processing technology.

  • NLP or Natural Language Processing translates human language as it is typically spoken or typed into the bits and bytes required for a computer program to understand.
  • harnesses the power of state-of-the-art natural language understanding so your users can talk to just as they would a human. No special syntax or code needed.

Featuring our easy-to-use CoPilot Console

Features an easy-to-use Copilot Console for your team to help get smarter every day. Requires no integrations and no installs. can route new questions to the co-pilot console

Ask a question Jane doesn’t know?

She routes it to the Copilot Console.

A human answering a question once

A human CoPilot is ready to help.

Answer that question once… knows the question going foward will answer from that point forward.

Each and every time it’s asked.

With, access isn’t a buzzword.’s enterprise AI platform allows you to access everything you need to do your best work.

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Employee Experience

Empower your team. integrates with your company's apps, mines documents, and captures knowledge — instantly providing the information your team needs to do their best work.

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Sales Enablement

Supercharge your sales.

Supercharge your sales. integrates with the mission-critical apps of any industry, instantly providing all the answers your sales team needs to qualify, nurture, and close the deal.

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Customer Experience

Customer Support

Delight your customers. integrates with your website, providing round-the-clock Tier 1 support, and every answer to your customers' most frequently asked questions.

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Lead Generation

Capture your leads. integrates with your website, generating leads, capturing actionable intelligence, and automatically pushing everything to your CRM.

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