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Woman asking artificial intelligence about lead generation

Only 4% of website visitors are ready to buy...

And only 56% of organizations qualify leads before passing them onto the sales team. The Jane.ai platform will effortlessly engage and qualify your site visitors, pushing actionable information to your CRM and sales team.

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Your leads are up for grabs.

Jane.ai can capture and generate leads on your website

Lead Generation

Turn your website into a lead generating engine that never sleeps. With custom call-to-actions, guided conversations, and dynamic forms instantly pushing data to your CRM, the Jane.ai begins delivering ROI from first launch. And, by the way, our mobile-friendly web concierge is installed with just 1 line of JavaScript code.

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Customer Support

Your customers deserve instant, seamless support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the Jane.ai platform, your business — no matter the size or the industry — can exceed your customers' expectations with first-line support for any frequently asked question or problem they may have.

The knowledge base interface makes it easy to access and edit your company information

Knowledge Base

For every frequently asked question, there’s an answer. The Jane.ai platform brings with it an unlimited knowledge base that is yours to customize to your company’s unique needs. Easily create instantly accessible information so you never have to answer the same question twice.

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Artificial Intelligence

The Jane.ai platform is built on 40+ machine learning neural nets and text-search algorithms, and driven by state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing. Our robust AI is further bolstered by clarifier reinforcement learning, dynamic user feedback, and human CoPilot curation.

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"We were blown away by the immediate ROI Jane.ai delivered. The moment we launched, we began collecting leads and haven't stopped since. The Jane.ai platform paid for itself in the first 8 weeks."