Access all your company's intelligence in the simplest way possible.

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Looking for something? That'll cost you.

Searching for what you need to do your job shouldn't be your job.

Up to 35% of your team's time is wasted searching for information.

$54k of a $100k manager's annual salary is wasted on administrative coordination and control.

And 23 minutes are wasted getting refocused after each interruption.

Why is it so hard to access information at work?

Company intelligence lives in three places...

Systems & Apps

Websites & Documents

Tribal Knowledge

...each with its own challenges.




How do you overcome these challenges?

Meet Jane, your first AI-powered teammate.

How does Jane make all your company's intelligence accessible in the simplest way possible?


with your key systems


your documents for information


your team's tribal knowledge

...and making it all accessible on any device in natural language.

How Jane Works

Jane integrates with your cloud applications.

Jane can connect to your company's applications, providing you with quick access to push and pull information from those systems. Access is secure, and Jane honors the permissions that are already set for you in the app.

"What's the status of the Purina lead?"
"Who's the sales lead for the Express Scripts opportunity?"
"add a note to the Edward Jones opportunity; Met with Robbi. Ready to move forward. Send updated contract tmrw."
"update the status of the Centene deal to won"
"What sales tasks do I have"
"What was my start date"
"How much PTO do I have"
"What holidays do we have off"
"What is my employee ID"
"What anniversaries do we have this week?"
"Show tickets assigned to me"
"What's the status of APPS-122"
"Create a ticket"
"Search my files for proposal"

Jane not only tracks down documents scattered across your website, intranet, and cloud drives...

...she can even access the information buried inside those documents.

No more opening and wading through a document just to find a piece of information. FAQs. Contracts. Company Policies. Acronyms. You name it. Just ask Jane and get an instant answer.

Jane captures tribal knowledge with CoPilot™

Ask Jane something she doesn't know yet? Not a problem. Jane will pass your inquiry along to a human CoPilot at your company to get an answer.

Once the CoPilot provides an answer, Jane messages back proactively. She also remembers the response so that next time someone asks the question, she'll already know the answer.

Never again answer the same question twice.

Jane is all about access.

With Jane, access isn’t a buzzword. We’ve thought holistically about what it means to make information accessible in the workplace.

Unified Access

No more wandering between multiple systems or multiple bots. Just ask Jane.

Immediate Access

No app to install, no new pasword to remember; Jane just knows who you are.

Natural Access

Jane's Natural Language Processing lets her understand your plain ol' English.

Anywhere Access

Talk with Jane where you already talk with your colleagues: Slack, Skype for Business, Text, and Email.

Where Jane Works

Here are just a few of the ways Jane can eliminate time wasters from your workday.

Human Resources

  • HR Policies

    Jane unlocks the important contents of HR policies, letting employees ask questions in colloquial terms and get instant answers, rather than tracking down policies or contacting an HR team member to answer their every question.

    Expense policies, dress code, PTO benefits... all available in an instant, 24/7.

  • HRIS Data

    Jane gives employees access to key information stored in the company HRIS, allowing them to send a quick text to check their PTO balance, payroll data, or the company org chart, to name a few. Users don't have to worry about forgetting their HRIS password because Jane already knows who they are, and Jane respects all the user permissions already set in the HRIS.

  • Open Enrollment

    Jane helps HR teams manage the avalanche of communications that comes their way each year during open enrollment.

    By directing employees to ask Jane their (amazingly redundant) enrollment questions, HR team members can just answer each question once, and they could even have Jane send out the reminders as the enrollment window nears.

  • Timecard

    HR team members love reminding employees to do their time cards almost as much as employees love completing them.

    In the off chance you have employees who tend to forget, Jane can be your ally in making sure timecards get done — not just by making it painless for employees to complete their timecards, but also by providing gentle reminders when the data is overdue.

  • Announcements

    Jane can facilitate company-wide announcements, broadcasting them on each individual's preferred communication channel and confirming receipt of the message.

    This could include daily company news, event notifications and reminders, or even emergency communication management.

  • New Hire Onboarding

    Jane gets employees up to speed more quickly and with less effort from the HR team by answering every question they care to throw at her: company history, access to forms they need to complete, even what your CAs mean. (That's "Company Acronyms".)

    Jane can be set up to send information to new hires proactively, and she can even start onboarding before their start-date.

Information Technology

  • Helpdesk

    Jane can help your overwhelmed IT helpdesk by being a first point of contact.

    Not only can she answer all your frequently asked questions 24/7, she can also let service agents quickly access info from your helpdesk ticketing system, or even provide ticket information to employees directly.

  • The New Intranet

    Jane is a new, modern alternative to the intranet, making company information and links available to employees in a way that is easier for employees to access and easier for leadership to maintain.

    It's an intranet that doesn't require a new login, is inherently available on mobile, and lets you focus on the content, not the user interface.

  • IT Policies

    Jane unlocks all the important content of your IT policies, getting employees quick answers to their IT questions without requiring them to navigate the many pages of policy contents.

    Jane lowers the barrier to compliance, and helps reduce calls to the Helpdesk when employees are too lazy time-constrained to read the policies.

  • Change Management

    Rolling out new employee software is hard, but rolling out new employee behaviors is even harder.

    Jane is your partner in getting everyone up to speed on new systems by making migration announcements, fielding employee questions, and providing links to new systems and training videos.

Customer Success

  • Contact Center

    You want your customers to have quick, personable help, but call volumes and hold times keep increasing.

    Jane can be the first point of contact for your customers whether on the web or by SMS, answering common product questions and pulling realtime data from your sales tracking systems, and she can pass along questions she doesn't know to her contact center CoPilots.

  • Website FAQs

    FAQs are so 1999. Customers don't want to read through all the questions you think they might ask — they want to ask their own question, on their terms. Jane can be a personal concierge for every visitor to your website, greeting them with a smile and being available to answer any question they might have in an instant. It's not just FAQ search — it's a personable conversation that answers the long tail of inquiries.

  • CRM Access

    Your field sales team is on the road and on the go. Tracking customer interactions in the CRM is critical, but getting to the next appointment is what really drives sales. Jane matches the quick pace of the sales team's day, fetching CRM data in an instant and on the go — and streamlining the capture of updates as sales progress.

  • Contract Insights

    Sales, product, and management teams all frequently need quick data from existing contracts, like launch dates, contract values, and special terms. Jane lets them ask questions of their contracts without even finding them,let alone cracking them open. Who's got their own personal analyst? Everybody.

  • Sales Analytics

    Your BI and analytics tools are great for tracking key business metrics... if only you could remember the name of that great report you created.

    Jane can pull up your dashboards, data sets, and reports in an instant. Just mark it for her and tell her how you really refer to it, whether it's the title or not.

Accessing company information is now

Instant. Painless. Natural.

Say hello to the future of work.

Say hello to Jane.

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